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Charleston Girl Perfume Review: Simply Addicting

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by this sweet lady from this Charleston Girl Perfume about sending me a sample of this perfume. I did not think much about it after that, but I was pleasantly when I had a package from Charleston Girl. What intrigued me that most was the description of the perfume. I could not imagine smelling the sweet intoxicating southern smell that I have always known of and am quite fond of. I definitely never expected someone to be able to take this scent and make it into a perfume.
 Well I must say that this perfume does have the Southern Charm that I have been looking for in a perfume. I was pleasantly surprised at how intriguing the smell is,  when smelling this you get both the sophistication and charm that come to mind when you think of the South. In terms of quality of smell, I think the quality is an A+. It is a long lasting perfume that only take a dash of to make you smell lovely. Price wise it is $44.99 for a 1.7 fl. oz. bottle. This honestly is a great price, and you can expect a great product for this price as well. In my opinion, Charleston Girl perfume exudes everything you could want in a perfectly intriguing perfume that is simply addicting. I have listed a few facts about Charleston Girl below.  Keep in mind that Charleston Girl is a product of the USA and the company is based in Charleston, SC. It was designed by a Charleston native and resident named Kelly Gaskins.
Kelly Gaskins on the inspiration for the fragrance:

“The idea for Charleston Girl stemmed while I was living in Johnson City, TN working as a television reporter. I met a ton of people and also traveled extensively. Every time I would tell someone I was from Charleston there was an immediate connection. They would tell me how much they LOVED Charleston and how they couldn’t wait to visit the city again. If it was a male I was talking to they would always note how they loved Charleston Girls and how there was no women like us anywhere else. I can attest this is true. This fascination with Charleston, Charleston women and the allure of the southern lifestyle COUPLED with my love of fragrance sparked my idea for Charleston Girl Perfume. Charleston is the #1 city in the world (according to Conde Nast) for a reason. People love the southern charm of the city and they connect with Charleston Girl for this reason.”

In fact, I was wearing this the other day while shopping, and this lady stopped me and asked what perfume I was wearing. I immediately responded giving her the details on what perfume and how to buy it. Which brings me to my next point, I love the you can securely pay through Paypal.

Now, if you purchase this perfume you will also get a free sample. I thought so highly of this perfume that I decided to share it with you guys in the form of a giveaway. Honestly, if I was not in love with this product I would not be giving it away nor sharing it. I also stopped by a local office in town and shared this fragrance with them to get more opinions about this product. They truly fell in love with this product and were interested in purchasing some.
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