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‘American Idol’ alum embraces Charleston Girl perfume

elise testone charleston girl perfume

PRLogOct. 26, 2013CHARLESTON, S.C.CHARLESTON, S.C.—If you were looking for the ultimate girl’s weekend, then SHE Charleston was the place to be.  Think of the event as a party for fashion, cooking, and beauty all rolled into one.

During the event’s big opening night, Elise Testone kicked it all off with one her soulful live performances.  Along with wowing the crowd in attendance with her power vocals, she’s also gained standing ovations from AI judges and music icons Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

During the three-day event, Charleston Girl CEO Kelly Gaskins was in attendance, introducing many more folks to the popular fragrance that continues to make fans all over the world.

Testone now joins the list.  At the event, she was spotted embracing the tantalizing scent and mingling with its founder, Kelly Gaskins.

“Elise is such a positive role model and a great representation of a Charleston Girl.
She was excited to receive a bottle and immediately opened the box to smell the perfume. I was thrilled when Elise said she really like it!”

Testone is just a handful of familiar faces to get their hands on a bottle of Charleston Girl perfume.  Past celebrities include actress Jennie Garth from Beverly Hills 90210 and fashion model and TV host, Vanessa Lachey.

About Charleston Girl Perfume:

Launched worldwide in 2011, Charleston Girl perfume is inspired by the unique southern women of Charleston.  The fragrance opens with a burst of sparkling-fruity top-notes filled with green apple, bartlett pear & casaba melon then weaves a delicate and sensuous floral middle with notes of orange blossom and jasmine and finishes with a soft, amber and sandalwood dry-down.  The 1.7oz bottle retails online at for $44.99.  It is also sold throughout the Southeast in select stores.

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